December 30, 2013

ARB Greenride 2014 Test Trail, it is tough for standard riders

It has 4 check points (4 CPs)37 - 40 km, including tarmac & offroad. Let me start reviewing this trail for you guys to enjoy & taste it first hand this coming sunday.

 CP1 Section - "dragon back" trail 
First section to the CP1, riders have to ride on the tarmac on the main road to access Bandar Tasik Puteri from the main road. About half the length in the CP1 section will be on this tarmac, then everyone will be divert into the offroad on the left side. This CP1 section is fun to ride with the average climbing. Only toward the end of the CP1 section, you will be climb & downhill on the "dragon back" trails. This section will consume your energy a lots. I suggest you don't push yourself as you need to use it more in the rest of the trails. Here is the pictures of the "dragon back".

 View from the last peak of the "Dragon Back" - push the bike or you can ride it if you could. 
 ARB Cycling Team flagship rider 
 CP2 Section - "scorpions" trail 
Here is where they called it the "scorpions" trail. Why it is called "scorpions", I am not sure why. However, this CP2 section is the best trails in this jamboree, we will go through a rubber plantations in the earlier part with very nice and kind of cold as we have canopies from the rubber tree. This section have few short climbing. This CP2 section is the most enjoyable trail. Here some pictures of the trail.
 At the "scorpions" trail entrance, ambik angin dulu 
 "pintu gerbang" dalam trail CP2 section 
 "scorpions" trail in the rubber tree 
 Towards ending of CP2, rider have to ride at this fruit plantation 

 CP2 check point area 
 CP3 Section - the "zigzag" legend 
 Here is the main attraction for this ARB Green Ride 2014 jamboree, the legend from the Sungai Selangor Jamboree, the "zigzag" trail. So, for those who want to feel the downhill and then uphill in the zigzagging mode. This is the only chance. Starting from here, there will be few tough uphilling with the slippery and single trail.
 The legend "zigzag" trail 
 The legend "zigzag" trail 
 Kawasan lalang in between "zigzag" and "agrotech area 
Another tough area in this CP3 section is the Agrotech area. There is a steep tarmac climbing. I believe it will be very hot under the sun as the tarmac is an open road, small trees around. Here are some pictures of this section trails.
 The steep tarmac climbing at the "Agrotech" area 
  Watery crossing toward the end of this CP3 section   

  Resting at the CP3 check point area  
  Resting at the CP3 check point area  
 CP4 Section - the "twin peaks" 
 This is the signature of the ARB Cycling team trails. They never miss out this trail fro their weekly ride. You got the last climb section of the "twin peaks".

And for the desert, the ARB Green Ride 2014 jamboree give you a terrace downhill. You must enjoy this trail. To ensure safety, please make your distance with your front rider to ensure in any case you have the ample time to take actions.
 "twin peaks" climbing area 

 "twin peaks" climbing area 
Ok everyone, please take care of your self during the ride. Bring things that you will need during any ride - tools, spare tire and so on..

I have wrote about my preparation for the jamboree, what thing I bring along and what I do before the jamboree, click here to view it.

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