January 14, 2013

Lifestyle : Cycling with my FIL & Biras

Yesterday evening around 5.45 pm, me and my FIL (Father in Law) have a bicycle ride as our weekend routine. My FIL name is Kapten Zainol Abidin. He is one of the founder of the Yaa'fur Cycling Club in Bandar Tasik Puteri, Rawang. My FIL stay in Bandar tasik Puteri Rawang, however, last weekend my in laws stay at my home. So, we took this opportunity to ride together around Bangi.

We decide to invite my Biras to join. He agreed & we cycling from Bandar Baru Bangi to Sungai Ramal to meet my Biras at his house.

We decide to take the route that always use by KdB (Kayuh di Bangi) clan as their training ground. Wow.. lots of up hill ... anyway, it was fun.

Ok, enjoy the pictures attached.. if you see me cycling, just say "Hi mr offhegoes!" ...

Thanks for reading my blog post..

Teh Serai Madu .. Delicious @ Kopitiam Asam Pedas

Today, for my lunch today I enjoy the new variant of Tea, with Serai madu. It does taste more to honey and tea. However, the smell is more lemon grass.. It really sooth your taste...

This is the place where I taste my first tea with kayu manis / cinnamon stick..

Ok, got to go off now.. Enjoying my lunch..

See you guys later..

January 12, 2013

Coloured Snail Shell with Umang Umang as Your Pet

Marvellous idea & creative ;) does it ok? What is your choice.

When I arrive, Upin & Ipin design sold out, just left angry bird ;)

January 9, 2013

Loan Management System for Loan Agency

Before I go to bed today, I decided to write about the application or system that we have developed in year of 2012, called the LOAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. This Loan Management System is develop for the Loan Agency who provide the loan to people who need to get an extra cash.

That agency that we work with, have about 4 staffs who have to handle the daily operation at the agency to handle the loan application that they received daily from their agents. They have quite number of agents. The agents who manage to get the loan application submitted will be awarded with the commission based on the amount the loan is approved, which loan / fund provider. They received quite a numbers of application daily.

Their staff will sort all the application based on the Malaysia identity card or known as MyKAD in the filing and all the files will be sorted in the cabinet.

Their most issue in handling loan application is the telephone calling. Most of their time, they spent on answering telephone call from the agents and applicants who always call to ask about their loan application status. Sometime, they just submit the application in the morning, they will in to ask about the status in the evening, even though being told that the process of approval will take around 4 to 7 days normally. so, the staffs only do activities like; pick up a phone, go to filing cabinet, put it back.. and then, another call have to answer.

Here, where we come to offer the solution; an online loan document storage & SMS status checkup !! Tada.. the management of that agency really happy with the result where they will have less telephone call to pickup. The applicants can check their loan status just by text SMS to the a certain short code and the result will be sent to their mobile phone.

Since all the loan application will be entered into the online system, the process of searching will be very fast.

Right now, we understand that lots of LOAN AGENCY out there who are facing the same situation & we are very much willing to help.

Here is the Complete Guide to our Loan Management System [click here to download PDF]

I can be reach at this email: my.offhegoes@gmail.com (Sopian)

January 7, 2013

Lifestyle: Family getaway short trip over weekend

Sunday day off (while I still have work to finish off ... Just stess out myself :) ), is a good day to bring the family to a short trip, getting wet ;) at Sungai Tekala.

The location is nearby Kajang, about 45 - 60 minutes drive. The traffic is getting busier nowadays with lots of development going around the Semenyih area. Just drive carefully and safety first will bring your a great journey.

From the photos below, it will bring more information to you guys & plan ahead what you could do overthere.

January 5, 2013

Get the healthy lifestyle in action

We got the saturday morning ride to get around the Bangi to Teras Jernang through the Sekolah Teknik Sepang. We got around 24km ride, with four of us. This quite nice ride, not so far and not so short, so we don't feel so tired.

We take a break at the famous roti canai shop at Teras Jernang before we got home.

I got to get back early today to fetch my kid from school, she got additional school today.

See you guys on the next ride report.

January 3, 2013