September 5, 2013

Tips: How to import .vcs calendar file into Google Calendar, it is easy ;)

 How to import .vcs calendar file into Google Calendar 

I received an email that have the .vcs attachement for our next RIDpest visit to my house - it is too bad, from the last round schedule checking, white ant bait at my home kitchen area have been eaten to nothing.
  Snap: My email with the .vcs attachment  

Now, they have to do the checking every two (2) weeks to monitor the white ant activity at my house. So, my neighbor save the date in his android calendar & I asked him to email to me the calendar, so, I can save it in Google calendar.

Ok, now - I did received it & not sure how to import it into my Google Calendar. After browsing around with the help of Mr Google search, I still not have any success. However, after playing around with the option in the Google Calendar, here is the steps. I would like to share as it would propbably help others too who have the same problem ;) Cheers  ..

0. You need to save the .vcs file first into your hard drive ;)

1. Go to your Google Calendar page ( - You need to login with your username & password.

2. Go to - "Other calendars" on the bottom-left side of the page. Then click the downward arrow at the end of the "Other calendars" menu.

3. Then select the "Import calendar".
 Snap: Select the "Import calendar" option 
4. A new pop up window will appear. Then just browse to the saved .vcs file and select it. Choose which calendar that you would like to save this new calendar. Then click "Import".
  Snap: Choose the .cvs file, which calendar then Import - tada..!  

5. And walla.. your imported calendar will appear in your calendar. Happy with your tools and your life will be easier.
  Snap: Tada.. my Ridpest appointment inserted into my calendar.  

I know everyone want to have good & easy on our daily operation.

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