August 21, 2013

Entreprenuer Manual: Attending Courses will help

  Find your new Life Manual by attending seminars  

I started attending seminars & courses after I am realize I want to do changes in my life.  It started after I found that most of my conversation during the lunch with my office mate have a different wavelengths. I tried to jive my conversation and blend it with what the topic normally being talk with the office mate or working environment, however I found it always difficult & I always being feel left out the topics.

  With Patric Chan from Penang  

August 19, 2013

Making Money Through Blogging, are you serious?

Good day to all my followers & readers of my blogs here.

Would like to share on the topic of how to make money through blogging for bloggers. I don't really believe that we can make a living through blogging. However, with this article from the (link below) have the summary of how most of the Malaysian make money online through blogging.
 Make Money by Blogging 

I found that, most of the blogger make money from the :

1. Affiliate Website - The blogger will promote their affiliate products & services through the special code that will be copied to the blogsite. The code will automatically display the banners with the affiliate link that will track every click is from your blogsite.

August 18, 2013

Lifestyle: Back on pedalling

Pedalling for your heart & body goes to your mind

Was a great long holiday for muslims & non-muslims ;) 

For muslims (& I guessed muslims friends also enjoying the foods right?), we have filled our stomach need for great foods from our great parents & my childrens also enjoying their grandparents treats..

Today, I start pedalling around my living area in Bandar Baru Bangi, in Selangor, Malaysia. I cycle around 20km alone since I missed my mates as they started earlier. Seems they have good time. I should join them next ride.

August 16, 2013

Timelapse Video with GoPro Hero 2, nice video output

Hi my followers & readers,

Today, I would like share the video that I did using the concept of using series of still images then combine it to become a nice video, it is called Timelapse. Here is the output that I have produce & I have share it in the Youtube channel: 

Let me share how do I do it that might help someone who are like to try it yourself.

Pearl Jam - Mind Your Manners official audio from coming album

Hi guys, just wanna share this latest single "Mind Your Manners" from coming album of Pearl Jam. Lots of comment saying that this single is more like a Vitalogy album sound.. one of the comment saying that this song have a similarity sound from Spin The Black Circle.. one of my favorite Pearl Jam song..

Can't wait for their coming album.. ;) Just enjoy their song down here.

Pinned Tab, a saviour to my browsing experiences, thanks FireFox ;)

You like to open so so many browser tabs while browsing? Like me, I did that.

I am not sure why, however with so many information that I would like to read & I don't want to lost where my pages is coming from, So I can trace back where I am coming from.. hehe.. not good way right, however, that's is me and I believe most of us are like to do that.. ;)

However, thanks to Firefox introducing the PINNED TAB, keep favorite websites open and just a click away.

August 3, 2013

Online: How Google Search Work?

Have you ever thought how the Google search engine work & give a good result with safety measure in hand?

I have come across this website by google while searching for the "keyword Research" information around the internet. It was amazing on how the google search engine did their searching algorithm & make it work for us.