September 30, 2013

A must read email today - 130 people found dead in seminar... from Andy Harrington

I just received an email in the "update" tab of Gmail - this is normally not the high priority for me to open up an email, normally it is the last tab I check out.

Not today!! an email with the subject "130 people found dead in seminar..." really caught me up to scratch my finger & pointing my mouse over the email subject -- and then I clicked!! What ... this email is from Andy Harrington, my speaking teacher ..

ok, here the capture of the email subject ..

September 29, 2013

Facebook Posting Style That "Engaged" - What do you think?

  Facebook Posting Style That "Engaged"  

  Social Media Target Metric : Comment, Follower & Like  
After do my Facebook reading from all my friends posting, I would to share my observation on the engagement of the contents that posted. Here few of my observation within this hour window.

I don't believe - here are the 25 Most Used Passwords of 2012

I really don't believe this - you know that how many email account have been hijacked, website have been hacked, server been cracked - and yet people still using this level of password.
  Password Stealth Level  
I come across one of this website and I feel to laugh when read the list of the password that most people used. It's call the The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2012 - And I hope after you read this article, please do use other password that have a strength level much harder to guess.. you can do that.

alright, here is the list - okay, don't laugh at it.. take it seriously.

Important of Username for Facebook Page & How to do it guide

  Important of Username for Facebook Page & How to do it guide  

You have created a Facebook page for one of your community project or for your products or services, and the first thing you do is to fill up all the contents about your page is served about. This is very important steps as when your visitor visit your page, then, you need to pass them the information about the page, what is the contact information, where to find your location and so on.

Let me take an example on my latest page setup for one of my community project, called "Konvesyen Inspirasi Usahawan" - it just setup mid of this week, and we start filling up all the contents about the page. We also grab a help from Huemedia Enterprise for the Page's cover design & Profile picture, they are an expert in graphic design & advertising. ok here is the snap of the page today as below.
  The main page display of the facebook page of "Konvesyen Inspirasi Usahawan"  
And, here is the snap of the URL of the page, without the username yet.

September 5, 2013

Blog tips - How to Create Content That Sells

  Create Content That Sells  

Just a quick blog on how to make money through blogging on your blog. I came across this articles that list out 4 steps to make money through blogging, however, topic on how to create content that sells that attract to me most. Here is the text on that topic;

Tips: How to import .vcs calendar file into Google Calendar, it is easy ;)

 How to import .vcs calendar file into Google Calendar 

I received an email that have the .vcs attachement for our next RIDpest visit to my house - it is too bad, from the last round schedule checking, white ant bait at my home kitchen area have been eaten to nothing.
  Snap: My email with the .vcs attachment  

Now, they have to do the checking every two (2) weeks to monitor the white ant activity at my house. So, my neighbor save the date in his android calendar & I asked him to email to me the calendar, so, I can save it in Google calendar.