October 20, 2012

Preparation for the ECC Burung Hantu Jamboree / ECC Night Ride Jamboree 2012

Just before I went to sleep (continue from last night), thought of about preparation for tomorrow night ride jamboree at Malacca, called ECC Burung Hantu (Owl) Jamboree. What should I bring together. Let me share my preparation so, some of you might want to make as the guide, as you are not so sure what to bring together during the night ride.. remember, it is a night ride, in the dark, in the trails.. I heard the distance is about 50 KM, an increased about 5 KM from previous year. Yeeahhaa..

Here are my checklist:

1. Bike Preparation (My standard for any off road ride)
  • Spare tube. Bring two is better.
  • Pump.
  • Basic tools - allen keys, chain tool, some spanar & screw driver. Better bring the compact tool that you can buy from the bike shop.
  • Water bottle with water - Minimum is one bottle. Normally in jamboree, water should be an issue, however with the overwhelming participation in this event, heard about 2,200++ participants, you might not depends 100% with the organizer. Bring your own water, two bottle if you could.
  • Plastic bag for avoiding wet - keep your mobile phone & car key from getting wet.
2. Addition preparation for jamboree event (not a normal off road ride)
  • Energy food - For average riders, we will take longer time to finish a ride in a jamboree. Some organizers provide a banana fruit to the rider. However, for a better planning, just bring your own energy food. I will bring the chocolate bars like the Sneakers or any other brands. I normally bring two bars.

    For better & faster absorption, use the Power Bar gel. It will be easier to keep & faster in effect with longer energy support.
  • Headlight & tail light - since this is a night ride jamboree, a good front headlight and tail light should be your best friend. Most of the head light using a rechargeable batteries, however, please bring together a spare / extra batteries in case your rechargeable battery run out fast. Check your light battery type before buy the spare batteries.
  • Rain coat
  • Muscle Relaxation gel / cream - I am using Flanil while my biras is using Yoko Yoko.
  • Plastic bag / special bag with compartment for dirty clothes
  • extra Clothes for replacement

Alright, see how I will get out from tonight jamboree..

Keep on updated.

    October 19, 2012

    ECC Burung Hantu Jamboree 2012 at Melaka / Malacca

    Tomorrow is the last day to rest before ride in the ECC Burung Hantu jamboree this year. I had my last ride tonight on my static exercise bicycle at the back of my house as my last preparation for this saturday jamboree. I hope it will help me to endure the 40 to 50 km this Saturday night.

    Some of us will take the opportunity to service their bicycle tomorrow at any bicycle shop near their house or that convenience to anyone. This will avoid inconvenince interuption to the bicycle during the jamboree.

    I am taking this opportunity to wish everyone a very great ride this saturday. Myself, target to finish it as early as possible, 3 hours and 30 minutes may be ..

    And I am also taking this opportunity to invite everyone to register for the event called Fun Ride organized by Ya'afur Cycling Club (YCC).

    I do involve in this event in creating the shirt design as my own company involve in the multimedia design & development. Please do visit my company facebook page (www.facebook.com/huemedia) for more information on what we are doing..

    Ok, good night everyone.. Let's have a great friday tomorrow..

    October 15, 2012

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    ok, enjoy the reading on more details about the URL shortens service provider from this blog.

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    October 12, 2012

    Toyota Prius: the gear ... Huh? Like a joystick

    I was at the IGEM 2012 show yesterday at the KLCC, the show case of the green technology & innovation. Kind of exciting & cool to see the new stuff display and demonstrate.

    One of the thing that I want to share is the Toyota Prius gear stick.. It is really like a joystick.. Really fun to see it.

    The gear just have three main functions.. Which I am not so sure what is it mean. I believe it should have the drive, reverse, parking minimum.. Similar to the our current automatic gears..

    For your eyes & analysis, here I attached the picture of the gear.. Enjoy..

    October 11, 2012

    RM50 for 5 big years!? What? Yes, it is. That's the new & renewal fee for company offered by SSM currently..

    Yesterday, my company (Hue Media Ent) was expired and I went to SSM office in Putrajaya to renew it. I don't want to late renew anymore as the penalty fee is normally will be higher than the actual renewal fee. So, renew your company registration earlier to save money.

    And they run some kind of campaign this year, as if you renew your company registration now, you only have to pay RM50 for 5 big long years.. Wowww.. That was a lots of saving. Awesome..

    I am taking this opportunity to urge everyone & anyone who have a company that expiring, renew it now & take this advantage & saving..

    Ok everyone.. I hope you are start to go the SSM office now..

    October 10, 2012

    Movers Business well groom at Apartment

    From the image below, you can see that along the way just outside of my aaprtment is being a place for movers advertisement.. Almost everywhere you can see the ads.. ;)

    the question is why mover & apartment is symbiosed to each other?? Please comment..

    Business Month - Being Reality, a bite ..

    This month is being a month that I have spending quite a lots if to compare with my current income. I have to pay for the local municipal council (MPSJ) for RM900 for the assesment of my apartment for the last four years. I need to pay that as I am selling of that unit.

    Then, another RM2160 for the Ridpest initial fee. This is for the termite service. We have to take it as our neighbour have been attacked. Their kitchen cabinet is started being demolish by this little white ants.

    And I just spend about RM2.5k for my hobby.. Fuuhh.. I need to buckle up my selling skill & effort.

    I believe, I am in desperate mode already. Hopefully my apartment selling process will be faster so I can have my cash when i needed the most.

    I will keep on updated with my financial , be a better..

    October 9, 2012

    Beside Bicycle, what else we chat about? Haha

    I have work late today, and forgot to take my dinner. While driving home, my stomach start singing, it's time to fill in with something. Immediately I saw the KdB is gathering at our hanging place, the Pakngah restaurant in the whatsapps group. Immediately I drive to that place after whatsapps my wife at home.

    And my thought, everyone will chat about bicycle, necxt bicycle events and new parts to be in ;) ... However I was wrong. They talked about the teenages life.. What a surprise.. I believe it started with mr Azlan's picture when he was a handsome chap with no belly.. He is really slim guy. Then all the favourites TV series during the 80s was talk about, the fashion during our teenages life.. Hehe.. Some admitted they was the rock 'kapak' time, rap & GQ, & grunge.. The band name like Def Leppard, Lefthanded, 4U2C - Fiona, Nirvana was mentioned.. The Airwolf, and most remembered the superman that doea not know how to land.. The American Superhero.. Moby dic.. And so ..

    Then I realise, when too much bicycle.. It will bond us together.. Like the old school time... And there is lots more to talk about.. Not only bicycle.. Great to know you guys...

    October 7, 2012

    Video: Library of Raja Tun Uda in Shah Alam visit with our kids

    Hi Everyone,

    Yesterday afternoon, we pay a visit to Shah Alam for two purposes. First, my wife need to pay a visit for regular updates to her clients in Shah Alam. My wife is a Financial Consultant for Public Mutual fund. A regular update to the clients is always a trait of her business.

    Second, we promise a long due to our kids to visit the new library of Raja Tun Uda in Shah Alam (video link at the end). The library is located nearby the stadium of Shah Alam & opposite of the Kelab Golf Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.

    Our kids are very exciting and really enjoying the visit. Even though they not really use the facilities overthere. The kids zone (creative zone) is really a treat to kids. They love it. With all the colourful environment, multimedia facilities (they have xbox kinect ;) wow.. ), and the most interesting is the man made one big tree with green carpet below it. It feel so relaxing there.

    I have made a video for everyone to feel the environment (Kids area only with the facilities and surrounding). You might want to bring your kids someday. May be this video will be a guide and also will entice you to come over.. bring your family.. and it feel great..!

    Here is the Youtube link : http://youtu.be/uDjIAGvabHs

    Post UPM Fete Jamboree, a breezy easy ride around UKM

    Image: Endomondo is a great free tools for tracking your activities and having fun doing it.
    Good morning everyone, since last weekend UPM Fete Jamboree.. here is my first biking around the UKM ground.

    Today we ride quite late, starting at round 9.00 am with four of us. One of my friend bring her wife together with this ride. We have ride around the UKM hilly ground, however, it is worth it and feel great about the ride.

    The ride in the UKM area is feel more safe as the road less traffic and the green surrounding make you feel great.

    This route is good for quick 1 hour to 1.5 hour ride to get your day fresh and feel of energy. Fr those around Bandar Baru Bangi and do riding, feel free to ride this route.

    Here is the Endomondo track, you can see the map & download the trail to
    your device : http://goo.gl/asT1x


    Mountain Bike: Training Video "Becoming a Podium Finisher"

    UPM Fete Podium Finishers for Alumni Category
    Hi again everyone - especially mountain bikers there... during my creation of my first mountain bike video,I have think to produce a series of training video on how to become a podium finisher.

    Even the title of the video like a very exaggerate, however, it is a metaphor for becoming a good mountain bikers. The video will expose to the viewer how the podium finisher (they are mainly will be pick from KdB club & outsider too) do the training, food balancing and scheduling, supporting exercises &; mentally ready for extreme of the jamboree races.

    It will be a series, since most of us are better absorption slowly, a guide or step by step explanation. The aim of the video is to help all the riders to ride their bike with optimum fun, rather than feeling bad about cycling after few rides, especially the rides between 20 to 45 kms. Wait for this project to happened.. :)

    We will keep them posted here.

    October 6, 2012

    Video on UPM Fete Jamboree, was it fun & enjoyful?

    Good day everyone!

    I know that most of the cyclists have bad or for some it is the worst experiences in joining jamboree ;) Most of my friends have the this bad feeling. They don't expect it to be this worst ... hehe.. some of them, will hang their MTB forever ..

    Photo: The T-Shirt of the event
    This jamboree is my first attempt to create a video about attempting and preparation before the event. I am affiliate with the MTB groups that around my home, KdB - Kayuh d Bangi (http://www.facebook.com/groups/kayuhdbangi/). Feel quite great doing it, just.. feel so tired to shoot after the jamboree.. with the hot weather too..

    To watch the video, please visit this Youtube URL (available in HD) : http://youtu.be/aiH9Di6TuV4
    Photo: Among the cyclists at the starting grid :)

    Lesson learn from this event, prefer to join and event that have the trail being tested ;) .. UPM Fete don't have it.. hope they will about it ...