October 8, 2013

Excellent Same Day Support from Exabytes Hosting

Today, I would like to review on one of my  favorite hosting company from Malaysia , I believe everyone know about this company, Exabytes.

You can concentrate on your business & leave all the issues about hosting with the expert.
Visit their page here - http://bit.ly/16vhXLd

 1. Our Personal Experience 
I've been with Exabytes since the year of 2005 for my earlier domain, the domain named www.KLGate.com, however, I do not continue to use that domain anymore. Right now, I have around 10 to 20 domains that I registered & administered under Exabytes. Most of them is my client with Huemedia Enterprise as we are the internet mechanics. Huemedia's internet mechanics using a CMS (Content Management System) for easier maintenance & the ready-to-run platform, rather than we have to develop from the scratch.  Why have to reinvent the wheels? 

 Here is few more hosting company that I also right now taking their services offering 

Ok, back with Exabytes. I believe most of the hosting company out there must have at least an issue with their hosting, and it does happened to me too. However, why I still give my trust to Exabytes because of their great support, I can say it is number one compare to a few hosting companies that I have experienced to deal with.

 2. Our Worst Experience with Other Hosting Company 
Let me share a worst experience that I have with one of the hosting company (not Exabytes - their support is number 1!) - that hosting company have an issue with the hard drive & it is dead!!! What make it worst is they never informed us about the incident, and how we get to know their services down was, their client told me about her website is inaccessible (we are the website developer) - after we check, we cannot access the control panel anymore and we suggest to her to contact directly with the hosting company - then it is make known to her about the incident.. she really mad & pulling her hair since we just update their website to version 2.0 last week.. huh.. we have work again.. we do feel very very bad too as we have to work again in updating again the website. 

 3. Now Our Great Experience with Exabytes's Support Team 
Alright, what's happened, is happened. Let me show you one of the support that I experienced with Exabytes

Last Sept 25, 2013 I bought a new domain named www.ezfuellog.com - a smartlog site for your fuel consumption. Once successfully bought the domain, I try to add-on that domain in one of my hosting with them, however, I don't have any success - to make story short, I asked for help as per my email below. I attached together with the email the screen shot of the error message that received. 

  My email to to support@exabytes.com  
  The snapshot of the error message that I received during the add-on process  
Within the same day, I received a notification email that they have received my support request & it is being attended. They even provide a FAQ in the email, in case my request was a common issue. Here is the email that I received.
  Notification email of the support request received by Exabytes  

And now  why I love them , with the same day I received an email telling me that the domain is successfully added-on to the desired directory -  amazing support, I love them . Here is the email for the request solved.
  Email that solved my problem  

And then I thanks them back for speedy resolve my issue with the domain name add-on with the thanks email back ;)
  My Thanks email to Exabytes's support team  
 We Trust Exabytes for Your Hosting Solution - Go get it now! 
To see their domain hosting packages & to know what this great hosting company has to offer you - remember, Exabytes have the best support - that's what bought me for how many years with them. I believe, by sharing this great news, I would like you also will have a great hosting company.

You can concentrate on your business & leave all the issues about hosting with the expert.
Visit their page here - http://bit.ly/16vhXLd

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