April 15, 2014

Easy Guide on Google Doc - SpreadSheet. How to get notification when someone make changes on your shared sheet.

Doing business now a days are  become easy and easier  with all the massive tools that available around us. Today, let's talk about the powerful Google Doc, to be specific a Sheet application aka Microsoft Excel on our offline desktop application.

April 11, 2014

Sell a car, start a company. The story of the beginning of Specialized bicycle...

 1974 - Sell a car, start a company. This seems a reasonable sacrifice for Mike Sinyard. For the princely sum of $1,500, he parts with his beloved VW bus and starts his first bike company—Specialized.  

Mike Sinyard built Specialized into a top bike brand by listening to what serious cyclists wanted.

  • His toughest challenge was finding space to store them inside his eight- by 30-foot trailer
  • Specialized has fostered a culture of innovation that has generated a long line of bike industry 
  • To support myself, I bought old bikes at flea markets and fixed them up, then put ads in the paper to sell them 
  • Started out as an aviation major but quit soon after I realized I was a terrible pilot. I decided to enroll in business school
  • After graduation in 1972, I decided to take a bike tour through Europe. To finance the trip, I sold my old Volkswagen bus for $1,500
  • Sitting with legendary component maker Cino Cinelli, I exaggerated a little and told him I was connected with all the top riders in the U.S
  • In Italy the artisans who craft lugs, frames, and tubing are considered specialists. I named the company Specialized Bicycle Components after them
  • If they gave me a cash advance for additional parts, I'd sell to them at a lower price
  • I sent my roommate up there with a check to buy the shipment I had just sold to the store and then had him cancel my check. I called the owner and said, "That great sale you made? Well, that was my roommate, and now my check has the same value as the one you gave me."
  • I lived without a car for five years after I started Specialized

April 8, 2014

Guide to Top up Paypal Account Through RHB bank account (Malaysia case study)

I need to use an  online payment way , normally I am using my credit card to pay all my online transaction. However, since my credit card have been blocked and terminated as my credit card have been involve in a  fraud case . Someone from US bought something on buynow.com for amount of RM5,670.00 using my credit card. Since then, Maybank took very long time to settle my case. So, my card have been blocked.

Now I need to  buy something online  for my business need. I am running a  graphic design & advertising company  - Visit our FB Page: Huemedia Enterprise. We helped most of the businesses owner with their company profile design & printing, website design & development and video (corporate video & product video) production. Logo creation and corporate branding also in our portfolio.