April 8, 2014

Guide to Top up Paypal Account Through RHB bank account (Malaysia case study)

I need to use an  online payment way , normally I am using my credit card to pay all my online transaction. However, since my credit card have been blocked and terminated as my credit card have been involve in a  fraud case . Someone from US bought something on buynow.com for amount of RM5,670.00 using my credit card. Since then, Maybank took very long time to settle my case. So, my card have been blocked.

Now I need to  buy something online  for my business need. I am running a  graphic design & advertising company  - Visit our FB Page: Huemedia Enterprise. We helped most of the businesses owner with their company profile design & printing, website design & development and video (corporate video & product video) production. Logo creation and corporate branding also in our portfolio.

One of the best option is to use PayPal . Ok, here.. I will share my first time experience to top up my PayPal account from a RHB saving account.

 Step 1. PayPal Account  
First, you need to have an account with PayPal. You can create an account FREE at https://www.paypal.com website. Once you have create a PayPal account, then you can start using it. 

However, to buy something online, we need to put some hard cash into that account first. Things that normally I bought online include the hosting account, domain name, website templates, video and After Effect template, even sometimes we do subscribe to certain subscription.

 Step 2. RHB Bank Account  
This step you need to do it  offline , mean that we need to  go to the bank and open an account  there. I stay in Bandar Baru Bangi, so, RHB have a branch over there, good for me as I have to drive about 5 minutes only from my home. 

 Steps to open up an account 
i. I open up a saving account with bank card only (no account book).
ii. RHB will charge RM20 for the card on yearly basis. For first time, it will be charge upfront upon account opening.
iii. RHB will ask you to deposit minimum of RM100 into the account. RM20 for the card charges is included within the RM100 deposited.
iv. After your account ready, you need to change the default PIN number at the ATM machine.
v. After that you need insert the mobilephone number that will be link to that RHB bank account.
 IMPORTANT :  This mobilephone number will be use to receive the OTP (One Time Password) from RHB bank system everytime you want to transfer & update your profile in their online banking portal - RHBnow.

vi. Then, you need to create an account for the RHBnow online account - go to this URL https://logon.rhb.com.my. I have ask the officer did that for me, however, you can do it yourself. You have to create a username (minimum is 8 chars and must include chars and numbers), password & secret question.

 Step 3. Top-up PayPal Account with RHB bank account 
Here is the important part, to really transfer the money from your RHB bank account to PayPal account.

 Important information needed here : 
a. Make sure your mobilephone number updated for the OTP during transfer process.
b. RHB Online Banking Helpline contact number - 03-9206 8228
c. PayPal Helpline number -  03-7723 7155

Action #1 :  After logged in into your PayPal account, click on the Top-Up menu as shown below.

Action #2 :  Then, a instruction to connect with RHB bank come out as shown below. Just click continue.
Action #3 :  Then, a screen connecting comeout as below.

Action #4 :  After that, you will be ask to put the amount that you would like to transfer.
 IMPORTANT : You need to choose the currency that you will use later to buy thing online. If the product/service that you bought is in USD, then you need to choose USD. After you confirm the amount, click the recalculate button, and the amount in MYR will shown that equivalent to USD.

Action #5 :  Once you have confirm, click on the Proceed button, then you will brought to the RHB login screen. Here, you just login with the RHB username & password. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to your mobilephone to transfer that money from your RHB account to PayPal account.
I hope after you have read this tutorial, you are successfully transferred some amount of money to your PayPal account.

If you need any help, please leave your comment below.

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  1. Thanks bro for the most helpful information about PayPal in Malaysia.. I am struggling before I read from your blog.. keep on writing..

  2. Can i transfer money into Paypal without RHB account?

    1. In Malaysia - I am afraid no other banks offering topup Paypal account. You could try asking other banks - hopefully they will updates their offering.

  3. Bro, thanks so much for this very helpful step-by-step guide.
    I was struggling try to top-up my PayPal account to no success. There is no useful help I can find inside PayPal, neither I can find any help in RHB website.
    I think your step-by-step guide should be inside PayPal and RHB help site.

    Once again, thanks so much for your sharing.

    Ooi CK

    1. Thanks for you comments - really appreciated it.