September 29, 2013

Facebook Posting Style That "Engaged" - What do you think?

  Facebook Posting Style That "Engaged"  

  Social Media Target Metric : Comment, Follower & Like  
After do my Facebook reading from all my friends posting, I would to share my observation on the engagement of the contents that posted. Here few of my observation within this hour window.

#1.0 My first post that on my top wall is from my oldtimer cyclist who is now turn to hot air balloon operator. I like his urgency word - "Last Day" that seems to attract more like & comments.

#2.0 Next is a post from ex business partner in early millennium, we did a ringtone for mobilephone business. In this post he seems to have lots of comments & likes. Most of the pictures that have kids, especially cute one will attract more likes & comments. He also actively response back all the comment that have the follow up and answering.

#3.0 This post from my partner in promoting the next event from Dewan Perniagaan Islam Malaysia (DPIM) - RJB. I like his style of engagement by asking question & offering something in return if he got the number of target for comments. Love this guy.

#4.0 This is the public figure of Dr Azizan Osman, however I love his engagement style by mentioning the current position of something, like here is the event that currently running - the 3rd day & last day - and he is asking question.

#5.0 This post is from Encik Sang who is doing the FB Ads coaching. He is using a testimonial to engage with his friends.

#6.0 Popularity is another engagement model that can be use. For example when someone or yourself was out in the newspaper or tv program, just capture it using your smartphone then upload it. It always get lots of Like .. normally a bit less in comments.

#7.0 This post is from a normal guy who is using the frequency of FB posting. His wall post also engaged with his friends with the current situation. The more you post, the more popular you are, the contents is counted too.

#8.0 A motivational & inspiration wording do get the engagement too. In this posting, he is also using the hashtag (#) to track & engage with his friends.

#9.0 Event of your life can get a high engagement from your friends. In this posting, he is announcing his wife pregnancy & event, the father's day. However, this kind of event not always come, once it happened, use it wisely.

#10.0 One of my friend is using the current gossip to engage with his friends. He did received a lots of likes & comments. However, this is not easy to do it as you have to go to the subject which is available only at certain location. Hence, if you are there at the location, just take the opportunity, snap & post it on your wall.. 

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