September 30, 2013

A must read email today - 130 people found dead in seminar... from Andy Harrington

I just received an email in the "update" tab of Gmail - this is normally not the high priority for me to open up an email, normally it is the last tab I check out.

Not today!! an email with the subject "130 people found dead in seminar..." really caught me up to scratch my finger & pointing my mouse over the email subject -- and then I clicked!! What ... this email is from Andy Harrington, my speaking teacher ..

ok, here the capture of the email subject ..

The subject of the email really arouse me to open up the email, and I did anyway - I opened that email immediately & continue reading the body of this email.. and it is interesting content too.. here body of the content.

This is an example of very good email subject that can attract readers attention & it will increase your email opened up rate.

I hope this email can become everyone example when we want to write our next email marketing message.

Enjoy Monday ;)

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