October 15, 2012

Make long URL address shorter & Keep track the traffic to your website

Today, I would like to share a useful link that explain on the URL shorten services that available on the net currently. The URL shorten is very useful if you you would like to share the long link URL to your friends.

It will be:

1. Easier for them to retype the URL again.
2. It will be useful if you have to share the long URL in the SMS on the mobilephone.
3. It will make the posting (eg. in the Facebook) look neat & tidy.
It will make the long version of the URL more shorter and it will not disturb the true message that you put together with the URL.
4. This service providers are well known and they built trusted with the on liners.
5. You can keep track where is your traffic coming from.
Tips: Use different URL shorten for different sites. For example, Facebook you use specific URL shorten, while on the Yahoo! Answer you use different URL shortens. It will make your traffic tracking will be optimized.

ok, enjoy the reading on more details about the URL shortens service provider from this blog.

Click here: http://searchengineland.com/analysis-which-url-shortening-service-should-you-use-17204


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