October 9, 2012

Beside Bicycle, what else we chat about? Haha

I have work late today, and forgot to take my dinner. While driving home, my stomach start singing, it's time to fill in with something. Immediately I saw the KdB is gathering at our hanging place, the Pakngah restaurant in the whatsapps group. Immediately I drive to that place after whatsapps my wife at home.

And my thought, everyone will chat about bicycle, necxt bicycle events and new parts to be in ;) ... However I was wrong. They talked about the teenages life.. What a surprise.. I believe it started with mr Azlan's picture when he was a handsome chap with no belly.. He is really slim guy. Then all the favourites TV series during the 80s was talk about, the fashion during our teenages life.. Hehe.. Some admitted they was the rock 'kapak' time, rap & GQ, & grunge.. The band name like Def Leppard, Lefthanded, 4U2C - Fiona, Nirvana was mentioned.. The Airwolf, and most remembered the superman that doea not know how to land.. The American Superhero.. Moby dic.. And so ..

Then I realise, when too much bicycle.. It will bond us together.. Like the old school time... And there is lots more to talk about.. Not only bicycle.. Great to know you guys...

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